Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Our Little Sunshine turned ONE this past Saturday. 
So... we celebrated with a BIG 'ol Party!!!

Sophie and her best little friend Brynn decided that they wanted to have a joint birthday party, since they are only just 10 days apart in age.  So, I made the Birthday girls matching Party Dresses.

Brynn's dress got a little dirty during the cake episode, so I didn't get a picture of both girls in their dresses...

The Party!!!
Our Party was supposed to be an outdoor party.  No kids in the house.  Lots of running and playing in the yard, while the parents enjoyed drinks on the patio.... Well, the weather put an end to that!  It was so chilly here that day that coats and hats and shoes were needed.  Not to mention, the birthday girls and their little friends would never be able to stay out in the cold for long, anyhow.  So, my outdoor Party turned to an indoor party.  We had about 40 people, kids included, corralled up in the basement for the first little bit.  Which, actully turned out to be quite the hit due to the Popcorn Machine that my parents got me for Christmas.  With the popcorn smell, balloons, and streamers, you actually felt like you were at a Carnival!

The Lemonade Bar, with yellow striped paper straws and mason jars for glasses.
(but, alas, no pictures of their cuteness...)
I made oodles of pennent banners to zig-zag around my porch, but moved them inside due to the crappy weather.

After the party, but I had really wanted a head on of the dessert table... I guess you just have to use your imagination.....(and try to ignore the giant new house they are building behind us!)

Cake Pops!
(...and they are as good as all the hype.)
White chocolate outside, pink delicious inside all smothered in yellow and pink cocunut!  Yummy
cake pops before being turned pops!

Handmade paper cones to hold cheezies!  Lots of work, but super cute!
(and how ironic is it that the cheeses match my colour scheme perfectly?)
The Birthday Girls' Cake.
4 little layers of white cake seperated by 4 little layers of lemon pudding, all frosted in whipped cream.
Needless to say, they LOVED them.

Chocolate covered Oreos
Jelly Beans...

Candy Shish Kebobs.  These were a MEGA hit!
(I think the birthday girls even got a taste...)
Lemon Parfaits

For supper we had sliders and tatertots, and veggies too.  But the mini burgers were quite a hit with the kids.
The Sunshine of my Life!
This cake is going....
Almost Gone.
I cannot believe how much cake my little girl ate!
Then it was present time!!!  Sophie rather enjoyed this, too!

The ballons that filled the basement.  These are day old pics, so the balloons had began to loose their helium.
We had the yellow, bright pink, and light pink balloons.

 Unfourtunatly, we got NO pictures of the basement.  Which, due to the unforeseen weather, turned into a last minute party paradise.  Balloons EVERYWHEREand crepe paper, too.  We rented a helium tank, and had around 40 balloons floating around the room.  

This is where we put our 12 month photo banners, as well.
(A photo of mom pregnant, then a newborn photo, then one photo a month.  These were hung from bakers twine with clothespins, and though super simple to do, looked amazing.  Sophie's is still downstairs.)

Hopefully I can get a picture of it up, too.

All in all a whole lot of work!  If I ever go party crazy again, I will be sure to get everything set up the DAY BEFORE!  Then, I will have lots of time to get the pictures that I want and make any last minute store trips to pick up what I forgot!

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  1. Love it!! It must have been a Fun & Happy Day!!